Integrated solutions to live, work and build.

Grupo SCA offers solutions focusing in design, great variety of standards and finishings, differentiated treatment and exclusive and innovative technologies, including the building segment. The most modern and sophisticated stuff to you create unique combinations in residential and corporate environments.


Residential Furniture

Combining international trends and the Brazilian style, S.C.A. striking design creates unique and surprising elements, with different features that allow you to transform living areas into a perfect sophisticated environment.


Corporate furniture

Smart areas for each type of business. Its range of products and a comprehensive study to make better use of spaces ensure production advantages and the development of projects for corporate spaces in several segments.


Design furniture

The best of Italian design with manufacturing in Brazil. The Collezione Atelier, signed by Decoma Design, is designed for select, modern and cosmopolitan people.


Solutions for constructions

Ópera offers a new building concept to Latin America: Total Accommodation, a system with metal structured modules fully furnished and ready for housing or corporate use.
Based on this concept, Ópera also sells thermo-acoustic wall and ceiling panels and prefabricated bathrooms. Products with the concept to revolutionize the current construction systems used in Brazil.


Natural stone solutions

A revolution in the use of marble and granite, offering numerous application possibilities. Innovative, it provides an even greater competitive advantage, a backlight, enhancing the sophistication of stones and light producing amazing effects.